Naomi Sato's healing gift can pick you up. Working from top to toe on yourself, she helps to calm your mind, alight your body, mind and yourself


 rejuvenate, revitalise and rebuild you.


She has a wealth of treatments, therapies, coaching and it's easy to find the right one for you.


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Naomi Sato is a Holistic Therapist,  Mind Body Life Coach and Feldenkirais Practioner

Her practice has been based in Triyoga, Camden, London for over 15 years.

Since she moved down near to Eastboune in East Sussex with her family, she now offers her healing hands and tool locally too. She is also based in Polegate East Sussex which is close to Lewes, Eastbourne, Halisham, Alfriston, Horam and Heathfield.

A full time holistic therapist with over 15 years experience, she has developed her own style combining all the best techniques of body and energy  healing works and now add new mind body connection tool such as EFT, NLP and Calmology to help people to transform themselves

' Thank to my life jouseny, I truly trust my life and a life always invites me to

heal, learn and grow which is such a joy'

Naomi Sato is an experienced body worker who is passionate about the work of the body and mind. She has been trained in various massage techniques and continues to develop her therapeutic skills in accordance with the latest standards.

England, East Sussex Tokyo, Japan,Nishinomiyam Triyoga Camden

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Naomi offers a wide range of alternative, holistic & therapeutic body treatments .

Appointments are available  in  Triyoga Camden , Eastboune Sussex and Home Visit


Would you like to move freely?

Do you want to enhance the quality of daily life, any performance?

Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lesson  is the one for you.


Calm with Mind & Body Coaching

Naomi offers a wide range of tools from  EFT, Matrix Imprinting and Calmology (Mind Calm, Mind Detox, Body Calm, Calm Cure)

to let go of your physical and emotional pain as well as let go of limited belief and past trauma

Appointments are available in Triyoga Camden, Eastboune Sussex and Online


 Mind Self Care Tool Online Courses

Naomi offers

2 mind self care online courese

1. Think logically through note

(Think Note Method)

2. 10 minute focus mapping