Heal and Calm with your mind body and your life to empower

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I know you look and sound happy and Yes in your life but a part of you are feeling unfulfilled and you are not experiencing a life you really want.

Maybe you spend all your time and attention to make everyone happy but you are not 100%  happy.

So you may feel tired , frustrated, angry and sorry for yourself (why me!) and guilt that you do not make effort enough for them and worry about what people think about you and also feel sad that people don’t understand you and you can not speak out your truth.

you don’t like yourself who is always agreeable to others.

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Peace with negative emotions

Unresolved past

Unwanted present



Unhealthy Beliefs

Feeling Stuck in Life

What would you like to let go of?

Feeling grounded
Feeling relaxed

more connected in your life
empowerment, Joy, Happiness, Calm, Love

5 Steps to uncover the magic inside you

Let's rewire your mind and empower your life
This is the programme if you like to transform your life

Heal to Grow 90 days self magical Journey


Discover to get to know your life map, awake what  you are inside right now so that you can start to understand your truth

You will discover

  • discover what your true issue is

  • what you want to let go of, confirm ecology?

  • Look at what you would like to have in stead

  • Understand why the mind overthink

  • Learn a simple meditation technique that you can use with your eyes open and closed for more calm and clarity in your life.

  • Learning EFT tapping points


Have your vision how you can bring a harmony in your life so that you feel inspired and motivated

You will explore

  • What would you like for your life?

  • Check SMART


Detox your mind to heal physical, emotional and life problem to connect your core state so that you reclaim who you really and your feel resourceful

You will heal 

  • your emotion

  • your body

  • your life

Step4. -Learn

Make a doable plan to take positive action to implement to your new normal

  • Learn how to

  • Organize your mind 

  • Make plan

  • Take Action

Step5. -Grow

Review and Reflex your journey and learn your dairy self care tools

  • Learn mind based self care tools like exercises for your to continue in your life

  • How to shift your mind state quickly in all situation

  • How to help others with a safe boundary.

Tools I use what you like for a session
 You are welcome to try out one of tools

EFT Tapping

Matrix Imprinting

EFT is Emotional Freedom Techinique

by tapping acupuncture points with negative emotion, physical pain, a daily stree

relieve pain, stress and heal body to empower you.

EFT is a ‘modern meridian therapy' which has its roots in Acupressure and Shiatsu. Fingertips are used to tap on meridian points whilst focusing on the problem (emotional or physical), releasing negative feelings + emotions + rebalancing the energy system of the body.

Woman doing EFT on the karate chop point. Emotional Freedom Techniques, tapping, a form of

Mind and Body Calm

Mind Detox

Calm Coaching specialises in helping you transform your mind, body and life: a very gentle and simple way to experience inner peace, clarify your mind and calmly empower you to live your life completely and fully. It helps to treat • anxiety • stress • reconciliation with past experiences • fears • unhealthy beliefs, thinking patterns and behaviours • your holistic health I use 4 primary techniques from Calmology, developed by monk and author Sandy Newbigging: Mind Calm, Body Calm, Calm Cure and Mind Detox. 'Mind Calm is the modern-day meditation technique that gives you 'peace with mind'. Instead of having to stop your thoughts, you can enjoy calm even if you have a busy mind. Body Calm is a complete system of self-healing that can help you to discover and resolve the sources of stress and specific mind-based causes of physical conditions. ‘Calm Cure is a 5-step technique that enables you to discover and resolve the hidden conflicts causing problems. ‘Mind Detox is a powerful method for discovering and resolving the root causes of chronic conditions, emotional issues and life problems.' This coaching programme can guide you to heal the root cause reason hidden in the unconscious mind, empowering you to live a more fulfilled and satisfying life.



Neuro Liguistic Programme

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) explores how we interpret our world, how we think and feel, the power of our communication both verbal and non-verbal and how we create our patterns for living and our habits and ultimately the results we get. Using these powerful and highly effective techniques in a conversational coaching session, you can understand why you experience life the way you do and you can, therefore, change the things that aren’t working for you.

NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming concept. Machine deep learning..jpg

Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki is a subtle, gentle, non-intrusive hands on healing therapy which use spiritual energy to treat physical-being maybe more than physical therapy.

It is a holistic system for balancing, healing and harmonising every aspect of you which are body, mind, emotions and spirit as well as can bring your spiritual awareness and growth.

By using this power of Reiki, your body is able to heal, balance itself as well bring you with natural state. It helps to release tension, stress, detox your body and mind. It is a powerful and profound experience and can work beautifully at physical and mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Image by Kira auf der Heide
Image by Jon Tyson

You may think now, it is impossible to change your life.

I used to think there was no away I could change the way I was thinking and feeling about my family and life. But it turned out I just had not discovered how to do it. I used the exact techniques I teach in my session to create true happiness and fulfilment and now.

Once I know how, it was quite easy to do.

Also you will learn many self care techniques in this programme so you always have tools to support yourself.

Q1. I can not afford-

What is your priority right now You like to keep on living where you are right now or you like to live your life more curious and playful?

What if the idea of thinking that I can not afford inhabit your true happiness, is not is silly?

We are here in the planet to live fully and completely. you are deserved and worthy than the money

Q2. Is She my right coach?

A: Well, Rather than imaging the idea, why not email me to arrange our meeting for a client. It does not harm and cost anything.

We all can be happy so that the world can be happy. I truly believe more our individual curiously live our life with no judgement, happiness, calmness and oneness, we all happy and our planet will be happy, but it will come from each of us how to live.





 What if you connect and experience your magical powers  - love happiness, contentment, calmness , Fun, Joy all the time, 


What sort of life you could see, hear and feel ? is not it the life you like to live and experience?  I truly believe you will be powerful, happy, caring loving and fun in your life.



So, if this

resonates you and would like to change the world of you

  • Send me email and I get back within 24 h to arrange time for us to speak

  • We will meet up on Zoom and make sure this programmed is something you are looking for

  • If we are right match, we decide together when our 1st meeting is.